Winter Salad Recipe with Dressing Step By Step

Winter Salad Recipe with Dressing Step By Step

Winter salad recipe is really good healthy full of nutrient and colorful salad when a dressing is warm, it has a more pronounced flavor than when it’s cold, plus the heat really brings out all the flavors of the salad. You have to be careful when you dress the greens, though, because you want them to be just slightly wilted

winter salad recipe

Winter Salad Recipe

Serving for  15 people


Pomegranate 1 No
Pineapple As Required
Pear (cube cutting) 1no
Banana (sliced) 6
Apple   (cube cutting) 4 Medium
Almonds   (sliced) 50 Grams Raisins
Raisins 50 Grams
Curran 50 Grams
Walnut (crushed) 50 Grams

Salad dressing ingredients


Mayonnaise One Cup
Icing sugar  2 ½ Tablespoon
Honey    50 Gram
Cream   100 Ml


  1. Add  a bowl  add a pine-apple cube, pear cube, sliced banana, pomegranate, apple cube then add raisins, almonds slice, walnut crushed and Curran and  all fruit toss together
  2. In a separate bowl add Mayonnaise one cup. Icing sugar 2 ½ tablespoon, Honey 50 gram, Cream 100 ml and mix well. Put dressing fruit and mix well. the  salad recipe is ready to enjoy

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After cutting an apple, keep the apple cube in the water so that apple cannot change their color

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