Cream of chicken soup recipes plus basic chicken soup

Basic chicken soup and cream of chicken soup

Cream of chicken soup is the of the best soup, chicken soup is highly flavorful, clear liquids that have been made by simmering meat, fish and/or vegetables in a liquid. Present in every culture, classic examples of these extremely satisfying and homey soups are Vietnamese (commonly called PHO).It’s easy to pull out a can of chicken soup, mix it with water, and call it a meal.

And it is, sure. But without expending much energy or time, you can actually turn cans of soup into a spectacular dinner.

cream of chicken soup

Basic chicken soup and cream of chicken soup

Basic stock

Chicken with bone 1 kg
Cloves 12
Black pepper 12
Ginger 1 Inch piece
Onion 1 Cube cutting
Carrot 2 No
Water Four litters
Salt As for taste

Preparation of chicken stock

  1. 1 in a pot add chicken, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, carrot, onion, garlic, ginger and add almost four kg mix and boiled until chicken cooked
  2. After stock prepare through strainer stain, the stock spread the chicken with bone
  3. and shared chicken pieces

Ingredients for roux

Fine flour One cup
Butter 100Gram
Milk As Required


  1. In a pan heat butter and cook fine flour until light brown then adds milk cook until thick.

Ingredients of cream of chicken soup


Milk 1Litter
Cream 0ne pack /200 ml
White pepper 1tea spoon
Black pepper ½ teaspoon
Chicken powder Two tablespoon
Shared chicken piece 1Cup
Salt As for taste
Roux One cup


In a wok add prepared chicken stock and cook until boil then add Shared chicken piece, Milk 1litterCream 0ne pack /200 ml, White pepper   ½ teaspoon, Black pepper   ½ teaspoon, Chicken powder two tablespoons, Salt as taste cook the soup  10 minutes now add roux and cook until thick. Cream of chicken soup is ready to enjoy garlic bread.

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