How To Make Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Cake Step By Step Essay Recipe

How To Make Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Cake Step By Step Essay Recipe

chocolate fudge cake

Chocolate fudge cake is a moist chocolate cake that is comparable to chocolate cake with mud, but not as close. Made with melted chocolate and cocoa, and topped with chocolate ganache, this will satisfy your chocolate cravings!

Super easy to make, very tolerant, without mixer or mixer. Just a bowl and a wooden spoon!

Why am I so fond of this chocolate cake?

I know there are MANY chocolate cake recipes “there”. But here I am so fond of this simple chocolate cake:

It is intense chocolate, thanks to the use of melted chocolate and cocoa powder.

Wonderfully wet and airy, hence the name!

Fantastic taste It tastes like chocolate that, strangely enough, is stranger than you think.

You only need a wooden spoon. Without kitchen mixer, without an electric mixer.

It is practically infallible. I have cooked it for a shorter time on high heat and longer for longer. I had to run out of the house before it was fully cooked and leave it in the oven to finish cooking. And it always works. Why? Because it’s so sweet, it is hard to bake too much,  it dries and is not meant to rise much, so you don’t have to worry about that part either!

Chocolate Ganache frosting is also very easy. Cream + chocolate, melt, mix, cool. No bumps!

Everyone is completely crazy about this. Chocolate over the chocolate. Enough talk!

Difference between chocolate cake and mud cake

I had someone on Instagram who was wondering what the difference is between Fudge Cake and Mud Cake, so I thought about explaining it! The chocolate mud cake is so dense that it cuts neatly with perfect edges and almost no crumbs.


Fudge cakes, on the other hand, have a more cake-like texture, such as what you see in the foreground of the piece at the top of this post.

Chocolate fudge cake



Sugar  450Gram
Oil 150Gram
Fine flour 450Gram
Vanilla Extract 1Tps
Baking Powder 15Gram
Baking Soda 10Gram
Salt 1Tps
Milk 150Ml
Cocoa Powder 60Gram
Egg 3No
Boiling water 1  ½  Cup


Baking soda is used for softness and baking powder is used for cake raising.

Ingredients For frosting

Ingredients Quantity
Cream As required
Chocolate 200Gram
Oil 2Tbsp

How to make Cake Syrup

Ingredients Quantity
Sugar 200Grams
Coffee 2Tbsp
Water one Glass


  1. In a stand mixer bowl add fine flour, oil, sugar, milk, cocoa powder, baking soda, salt, baking powder and eggs beat until light and fluffy.
  2. Add boiling water in the mixing bowl and beat once again until well blended
  3. Pour into two greased and flour-dusted nine-inch round cake tin and bake for 40-45 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in centre comes out clean
  4. Leave the cake tin until cake comes in room temperature from pans to wire racks. cool completely

How TO Frost Cake

  1. Frosting with a long serrated knife split each cake layer horizontally in half, tear one split layer into crumbs set aside.
  2. Place the cake layer on the revolving stand and drizzle coffee syrup and spread the chocolate mixture with the help of spatula knife, place the second layer of and repeat the process, finally place the final layer of the cake sponge lay on the cake stand and frost with chocolate gnash
  3. Garnish with chocolate truffle and home make cake Flour you can also garnish with  milt chocolate
  4. Enjoy the cake with your friends and familychocolate fudge cake

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