How to make Beef Seekh Kebab Recipe

Beef Seekh Kebab Recipe is a popular Asian snack usually eaten with a green chutney garnish. These tasty lambs or beef snacks are made with freshly ground whole herbs. Traditionally they are made in a tandoor (a large clay oven), but most of us grill them.

“Seekh” simply means rods or “spikes”. In most places, seekh is pronounced seek … like, hide and seek and look for the kebab. Seriously go and get kebab as it’s good

Seekh kebabs can be prepared with any ground beef: chicken, goat, lamb or beef. You have to chop the meat in a food processor, combine it with all the spices, and then wrap the meat on skewers. Then just heat the grill!

What’s better than lounging on your patio, spinning burgers and hot dogs on the grill? I’ll tell you what it is. Make Seekh Kebabs at home. In your oven. With meat marinated in Pakistani spices and roasted to perfection

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Beef Seekh Kebab Recipe


Beef/Chicken mince 1kg
Ginger Garlic paste 3 tablespoon
Onion four large
Green chillies 7-8
Salt 1 tablespoon
Baking-soda 1pinch
Red chilli powder 2 tablespoon
Whole spice 1 teaspoon
Fresh Coriander 3 tablespoon
Coriander crushed 1 Tablespoon
Cumin seed ½ teaspoon
 Ghee one cup
Yellow food colour 2 pinch

1st step

  1. Take a bowl mix all the ingredients in the mince and mix it with hand well
  2. Marinate it for two hours.
  3. 2nd step Grilling

  4. Preheat the charcoal
  5. Take an iron rod make a seekh kabab and grill it, cook it for five to ten minutes pour oil with a brush.
  6. Each side heat 6 -7 minutes
  7. Note: If the meat mixture does not stick to the skewer, add a few teaspoons of chickpea flour (besan). The flower will dry out the moisture. This tip has been shared by a reader!
  8. Beef Seekh Kebab Recipe

Seekh Gola kebab


Beef / Chicken one kg
Coconut  ( roast and dried0 Two Tablespoon
Fried and crushed onion Two large
Ginger Garlic Paste Two tablespoon
Poppyseed paste 2 Tablespoon
Whole spice 1 Tablespoon
Red chilli powder 2 teaspoon
Yoghurt 1 tablespoon
Raw papaya 100 Grams
Cumin seed 2 teaspoon
Salt as taste

1st step Direction

  1. In a food processor bowl add all ingredients and mix well and chop 2-3 minutes
  2. Take an iron rod and shape Gola kabab and fry them
  3. You can also grill Gola kabab in the charcoal girl.

How to assemble

  1. Take a sizzling plate, heat plate
  2. Place grilled onion, tomato and green pepper on the sizzling plate after that place all the kabab on it.
  3. Serve with green sauce and tamarind sauce
  4. Enjoy it

How To grill the kebabs in the oven

  1. How To grill the kebabs in the oven, place the rack in the top third of the oven in a roasting tray with a grill (operation mode based on the viewer’s suggestions).
  2. Bake the kebabs for 20-25 minutes, turning if necessary to brown the kebabs all over. If you notice your kebabs drying out, brush off the oil if necessary. Though, as unlike the heat of an outdoor grill, the oven cooks the kebabs in their own juice.

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HOW to make Green sauce

Mint One bunch
Green coriander two bunch
Green chillies Ten
Garlic Two cloves
Tamarind paste 4-5 Tablespoon
Cumin One tablespoon


  1. In a blender, bowl add all the ingredients and grind it
  2. The green sauce is ready to serve

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