Chicken Steak with pepper and  saute vegetables


Chicken Steak

The Chicken Steak recipe with roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes is a delicious meal in itself. The chicken is marinated in a delightful marinade packed with flavors such as fresh parsley, lemon, garlic, and mixed herbs. All this contributes to the delicious taste of chicken.

The roasted vegetables served with the chicken fillet are cooked to perfection with a touch of garlic and herbs. To balance the meal, a simple serving of mashed potatoes and garlic bread served.

Serve this chicken breast recipe with pan-roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes along with the orange iced tea finish this meal with a dessert from the dark chocolate bar recipe.

 chicken steak with pepper and  sauté vegetables

Steak metrication

Ingredients Quantity
Chicken breast ½ kg
Worcester shire sauce ½ cup
Yellow butter 2tbsp
Paprika powder ½ tbsp.
French mustard paste 1 tbsps.
Oil 4 tablespoon
Salt 1/4tps
Ginger Garlic paste 1 table
Marination time                    almost 40-60 minutes


  • Cut chicken breast into butterfly cutting.
  • In a bowl add Worcester shire sauce, Paprika powder, French mustered paste, Salt, Ginger Garlic paste and mix well
  • Coat the chicken breast filly in the sauce and leave for one an hour
  • In a grill pan heat butter and oil and cook the chicken breast peace 5-6 minutes each side until grill marks appear on it.
  • Set aside chicken steak

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Ingredients for Brawn Sauce

Ingredients Quantity
Brown sauce

Knar Demi gales

one cup/130gram
OIL Two Tablespoon
Butter Two Tablespoon
Onion fie chopped two tablespoon
Garlic fine chopped ½ tbsps.
Black pepper 1table spoon
Fresh cream 100ml
Chicken powder optional

 Brown sauce/ mushroom sauce

  • In a saucepan add one kg water and add Demi gales powder and mix well then cook until bubbles come out.
  • In another saucepan heat butter and oil then add onion and garlic sauce and sauté
  • Add brown sauce in it also add black pepper, cream, and chicken powder and cook at least five minutes.
  • Demi gales sauce is ready to serve you can also add in this recipe mushroom


Roasted Vegetable


Ingredients Quantity
Broccoli 1 cup
Col flower 1cup
Green peace boiled ½ cu
French beans ½ cup
Carat diamond ½ cup
Potato ½ cup


  • Cut the vegetable into diamond cut
  • In a saucepan boil water and then add vegetable one by one and boil until half-done spare the vegetable through spider from boiling water
  • After half-done put the vegetables in room temperature water so that the cooking process will end
  • In a frypan heat, oil, and roast, all the vegetables in it all put a little bit of black pepper and salt on it.
  • Herb butter
Ingredients Quantity
Yellow butter 200Grams
Garlic (fine chopped) ½ teaspoon
Paprika ½ teaspoon
Oregano 1 teaspoon


In a frypan heat butter add garlic chopped cook till light brown then paprika and oregano

Herb butter is ready

Mash Potato ingredients

Ingredients Quantity
 Potatoes ( boiled and peeled ) 3-4No
Butter 1 teaspoon
Black pepper powder ½ teaspoon
Lemon juice 1- ½ teaspoon
Salt To Taste
All-purpose flour (Maida) 2 ½ teaspoon
Water 4-5 tablespoon


  1. In a bowl, combine the steamed hot boiled potatoes with salt, butter, black pepper powder, lemon juice, and puree well with the back of a serving spoon.


  1. Continue mixing and grinding until smooth and smooth mash and reserve.


How To assemble Steak with pepper and sauté vegetables

To join the chicken sizzler, place the roasted vegetables on a serving dish in the pan, mashed potatoes, and roasted chicken fillet. Pour the meat sauce herb and butter just before serving. Make sure to preheat your pan in the oven or on the stove for a sizzling effect.

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