How To Make Cake Rusk recipe step by step in detail

How To Make Cake Rusk recipe step by step in detail

-Rusk cake

Nowadays, we are facing the prevailing situation of COVID 19. Because of this situation, everybody is in self-isolation so that the virus spreading can control, none knows exactly this situation end except ALLAH we just can pray to God May Allah saves all the people. We come up with a normal situation as soon as possible. Be kind and honest to yourself, stay at home, and stay healthy. In this time we need to pay attention to our hygiene routine for this you  can also check you can also check

Well, guys today, I am going to share the most favorite recipe of Asian people, Cake Rusk, .if I thought about my childhood, I always spent all m pocket money for buying the Cake Rusk nearby bakery of my house. The taste of the Rusk cake always amazes me, Dipping the crispy Rusk in tea is something many of us would have done as children and still do.

When they first come out of the oven, they are soft like a cake. Let cool for about 10 minutes and then return them to the oven. They are baked at a lower temperature again, which makes them crispy.

How do you know when cake Rusk is done

Insert the check checker stick into the when it comes out clean its mean cake is made otherwise bake again for few minutes

Oven temperature

180c to 200c    

Baking time

25 to 30 minutes

Preparation time

40 -45 minutes


Six people



Fine Flour
½ kg
Icing sugar
Vanilla essence
Lemon juice
Four pieces
12 No
Baking powder
20 Grams
Orange colure
as required


  1. In a stand-mixture bowl, add butter and icing sugar and whisk until it becomes cream mixture, then add the eggs one by one mix together also add vanilla extract lemon juice.
  2. in another bowl add fine flour and salt and sieve together and place aside
  3. when the butter mixture light and fluffy add fine flour and baking powder and orange colure and again beat for two minutes
  4. Now take ten by 12 tin and greased and lined with parchment paper and pour the cake Rusk batter in it, after pouring the mixture in the tin lightly hit the tin on kitchen- counter so that the dough becomes smooth and air bubble come out.
  5. place the cake, Rusk, mold preheated oven at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes
  6. After cake, Rusk has done remove from oven and let it cool for  5 to 6 hours
  7. when the cake complete at room temperature now cut the shape of Rusk cake and again bake for 10 -15 minutes so that the Rusk cake get crunchy
  8. So the cake Rusk is ready to serve to enjoy it.
  9. You can also save the cake, Rusk, in a glass jar.




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